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About Color Bigger

In 2020, Covid hit every family hard.  What we all had in common though was more free time and I realized there was a huge deficit in quality things to do.  I did not want my children to spend all their time gaming or watching television.  Puzzles and family games were great, but there had to be other options.  I knew I wanted ot provde something that we could do together as a family, something to encourage creativity, something that could be done with family or by yourself, and lastly something that you could get for a reasonable price. 

That's when I came up with Color Bigger.  I wanted to introduce something new to the market.  Huge coloring posters.  So big they would cover your whole kitchen table and your family, friends and all your children could work on it together. So I hired an artist, bought a large format printer and the journey began. 

From that day in 2020 to today, we have sourced the quality of our paper, how we package and what we ship in, all to provide a very high standard of product and ensuring your poster arrives safely.  We continue to work with our artists and have been adding new designs on a regular basis. 

We hope you enjoy our products and love to see your finished products.  Please use #colorbigger to share your artistry. 

-Ryan Rand, Owner -Color Bigger

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